Egyptian news vision: - Kuwaiti blogger Ahmed Al-Salem announced the acceptance of the apology of his wife, the Saudi fascist, Mulka Kabli, after her followers thought that she was accusing him of treason after posts that hinted at that.

Egyptian news vision: - hallahalla by Moroccan artist, Taha Fahsi, known artistically as "Grande Totou", topped YouTube Morocco, a song from his new album "Camelion / Chameleon".

Egyptian news vision: - The former Miss Iraq, Sarah Idan, who is a US citizen, posted on her social networking pages Twitter and Instagram, with the head of the Israeli Mossad, Yossi Kun.

Egyptian news vision: - The Moroccan artist, Maryam Hussein, tried to protect herself from Coronavirus and exposed herself to death, according to what she announced through a video in which she spoke with her followers on the Snapchat application.

Egyptian news vision: - Bill Gates’s father, William Gates, died at the age of 94 at his home on the Hood Waterway, near Seattle, and his family said in a statement that he had Alzheimer's disease.

Egyptian news vision: - The poet "Karim Al Iraqi" is receiving treatment for bowel and prostate cancer in Abu Dhabi, after Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan's initiative to cover the costs of treatment.

Egyptian news vision: - Several non-veiled women filed complaints against the Egyptian media, Radwa El-Sherbiny, for what she said about the veil of women.

Egyptian news vision: - The Lebanese artist, residing in Saudi Arabia, Darine Al-Bayadh commented on the news of her death after the rumor spread on social media.

Egyptian news vision: - The reality TV show "The Kardashian Family" presented by Kim Kardashian and her sisters has been out for 14 years, she announced on Twitter.

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