Cairo - Continuing its role in championing the Arab world's acting talents, MAD Solutions announced the joining of three more up-and-coming actors; Sudanese actress Bunna Khalid (You Will Die at Twenty), British-Egyptian actor Fady Elsayed (My Brother The Devil), and Egyptian actress Mayan El Sayed (Banat Sanawy, Harb Karmooz).

Dubai United Arab Emirates: The Moroccan artist, Maryam Hussein, shared her followers on the global photo exchange site Instagram, a video in which she appeared with an exciting and controversial female look.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Vision: - Tony Kattora, a Lebanese singer, chose to enter the world of fame through the door of modesty and humiliation and succeeded in gaining the attention of the Lebanese and rising to the trend.

Dubai, UAE, VISION: - The Egyptian actress, Mimi Gamal, announced her retirement from acting, during a live telephone interview on the "This Morning" program presented by Asma Mostafa on the "Extra News" channel.

Cairo - In recognition of his significant contribution to the Egyptian and Arab filmmaking scene, Egyptian film producer/screenwriter Mohamed Hefzyhas been bestowed the honorary Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres (Order of Arts and Letters)in a ceremony held on Wednesday, January 27, at the French Embassy in Cairo, with the presence of the French Ambassador to Egypt Stéphane Romatet together with a small community, under the restrictions enforced in the light of the pandemic situation.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The son of the late Egyptian popular artist, Shaaban Abdel Rahim, commented on the Lebanese artist, Manar Hamza, who is claiming part of his father's property, denying that she has a right to inheritance.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The international star Halsey shared her followers on the international photo exchange site "Instagram" the news of her pregnancy from her friend, the Turkish writer and producer, Elif Ayden.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Moroccan judiciary has sentenced Moroccan singer Donia Batma to one year in prison, after being found guilty of the case of blackmailing celebrities known in the media as "Hamza Moon Bibi".

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Bill Gates announced his surprise at being thrown into him and his friend Anthony Fauci, the largest infectious disease expert in the United States. In talking about the "Corona virus conspiracy" and describing it as the crazy theory.

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