The book reveals how Prince Charles lived a psychological conflict between his wife Diana and his lover Camilla Parker

"Prince Charles: The Emotions and Paradoxes of an Unbelievable Life," written by Royal Palace writer Sally Bedell, took the life of Prince Charles and how he felt sad before his marriage to Princess Diana in 1981.

The book explained that the British Prince entered into a fit of intense crying on the night of his wedding.

The book is titled Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life

The book spoke of Charles' feelings and how he was distracted by his future wife Diana and his former lover (who later became his wife) Camilla Parker.

According to People magazine, the young prince at that time felt the pressure of the royal family to marry Princess Diana, which prompted him to "wailing" before the wedding day, because he still loves his former girlfriend Camilla.

According to the writer Sally Bedel, Charles I's meeting with Camilla was in 1971, and they had a love affair because of common things, the most important of which was their sense of humor. Another important factor was that Camilla was always "good listening" to Charles.

But the couple separated two years later, not only because of the Prince's permanent travel to the Royal Navy, but because he was 24 years old. He was not yet ready for association and family. Camilla's relationship with her lover Andrew Parker Bowles, who later married her, Charles.

Despite Camilla's marriage, she maintained her friendship with Charles, given their common social milieu.

But in 1981, the British prince began dating Diana and was under pressure from his family to marry and settle down. Despite his psychological unwillingness to marry, Charles decided to move forward with his relationship with Diana after a speech from his father Prince Philip, And to make a decisive decision in his relationship with Diana for fear of her reputation.

Prince Charles; he made his marriage to her in February 1981, to marry in July of the same year.

The author explains that his relationship with Camilla was "playing in his mind," and despite his marriage to Diana and their two children: Prince William and Prince Harry, the rift in their relationship became large and could not be ignored. This led to their divorce in 1996, one year before Diana's death.

Quoting the site "Cosmopolitan"

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