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Steps of the declaration of the death of Queen Elizabeth II until the funeral

There is a set of things that will happen when the day of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her longest reign on the throne of the country.

The first to know about the death of the Queen is Sir Christopher Gedet, her secretary, then the prime minister. When that happens, government officials will broadcast the news using secure lines, saying: "The London Bridge has fallen."

Earlier reports said the news would not be broadcast until 8 am If the queen died at night, now the news would be broadcast immediately, and in both cases, correspondents in appropriate clothing for the event would broadcast the news.

Tom Sykes, a journalist with The Daily Beast, said: "All BBC broadcasters have to have a dark suit and black tie to be ready to announce the death of any prominent member of the royal family."

The text of the story of the death of Queen Elizabeth II will be sent to the Syndicate of Journalists, and the same text will appear on the website of the e-Palace, which the Guardian said would turn into a single dark page.

In the days that followed her death, the Queen's coffin will be displayed for people to visit, and Business Insider reports that her coffin will be in Westminster Hall, where a short ceremony will take place at the arrival of the casket, and then people will be able to line up and present Condolences.

Queen Elizabeth II loves Welsh korean dogs very much, so it makes sense to call her dogs to help celebrate her life.

The newspaper says: Just as Caesar, a Fox Trier, was leading the funeral of King Edward VII, similarly the dogs of the Welsh Queen of Queens attended her funeral.

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