the daughter of the late star #Michael_Jackson, Paris . the daughter of the late star #Michael_Jackson, Paris .
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Detecting the real father of #Michael_Jackson 's daughter

Representative #Mark_Leicester in an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper revealed that he was the biological father of the daughter and son of the late star #Michael_Jackson, Paris and Paris.

Leicester, a father of four, said his friend Michael Jackson asked him to donate sperm to his future children. "I accepted my friend's help. I thought he was unable to have children. He was already suffering from a crisis of intimacy. "

In 1996, Jackson was married to Debbie Roy, the mother of Paris and Paris.

The representative pointed out that he was not the only person named on the list of donors. "Jackson requested the same from several people, including actor #Macaulay_Kolkin, #Marlon_Brando, #Jack_Nicholson, #Uri_Geller and some Harvard professors."

Leicester is currently trying to reach out to 19-year-old Paris. But her mother does not allow him to do so, he said.

In an interview with «Sendai People» in 2013, Leicester, he said: «I will not do a DNA test without the consent of the parents. It is up to them. All I want is to be their sponsor just as Michael wanted. "

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