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Essam al-Hadari comments on the annulment of his daughter's sermon from Kharba Shadwa and Mahmoud Kharba

Essam al-Hadari comments on the annulment of his daughter's sermon from Kharba

Egyptian goalkeeper Essam Al-Hadari confirmed the cancellation of his daughter Shadwa from Mahmoud Kharba after the groom appeared without wearing the engagement ring in the recent period.

And with the emergence of electrification in the northern coast for the holiday of Eid al-Fitr, without accompanied by his fiancée Shadwa Urban confirmed the news of the cancellation of their engagement, especially as the player returned to the life of the month, indicating the separation.

Essam al-Hadari said: "Yes, the marriage was terminated and everything is divided and share."

And the reason for the dissolution of the engagement, according to press reports that the family differences occurred between the electrification and Shadwa urban, after the groom was accused that he can not bear responsibility, prompting the father of the bride Essam al-Hadari to uphold the dissolution of engagement.

Issam al-Hadari asked members of his family not to talk and talk again about the return of his daughter to the electrification, stressing that his daughter Chadwa is still small, rejecting any attempts of the parents to reconcile them.

For his part, Khashra deleted all the photos he collects with his former fiance Shadwa al-Hadari, and removed the photos she collects with her father, except for the pictures she takes with her father and a third partner.

 Shadwa al-Hadari commented on the news that her engagement had been indirectly terminated by her account of Instagram, where she published a picture of her with her parents and wrote a comment saying, "Everyone goes but you."

"You do not lose your value in a word, you do not lose your respect, you do not lose your respect in this world, people love you," said Kherba, a Zamalek player who returns from Saudi Arabia's federation through Watts Aab.

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