A friend of #Tuba_Buyukston A friend of #Tuba_Buyukston
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A friend of #Tuba_Buyukston, is sentenced to 15 years in prison

A friend of #Tuba_Buyukston, businessman #Omut_Avergan was arrested on the 22nd of last month, with two personal guards of his.

According to Haberturk, the trial of Habib Tuba Buyukston was held to decide on his order with the two bodyguards, to order his release pending his trial.

The lawyer of businessman Omut Avergan has demanded the release of his client, and after a brief break the court was released while continuing his trial.

Habib Tuba Buyukston was arrested, along with two bodyguards for assaulting a journalist, who tried to take a picture of him with Tuba.

After being assaulted, the journalist was told that he had been beaten by businessman Omut Avergan to be arrested and tried. Press reports indicated that if he was found guilty, he would be imprisoned for 15 years with his guards.

Tuba Buyukuston's emotional relationship with Omut Avergan sparked a fuss after she separated from her husband, Anwar Saylak last month, to enter into a romantic relationship two weeks later.

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