Princess Diana on the occasion of her 20th anniversary and the details of the transfer of her body from Paris to London Princess Diana on the occasion of her 20th anniversary and the details of the transfer of her body from Paris to London
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From Paris to London: Details of the last body of Princess Diana

From Paris to London, Diana's last body was flown by plane, while Prince of Wales and then British Prime Minister Tony Blair watched the painful event.

Captain Graham Laurie, who performed the mission for the first time, recounts the details of Diana's last trip.

Laurie, who worked as a pilot for the royal family and traveled hundreds of times by air until he retired in 2000, three years after Diana's departure, recalled how the Prince of Wales thanked him for his dedication to his work, especially at those moving moments.

He revealed how he changed radio waves during flight from the military airport in Raff-Northault to Paris, using military radio equipment, as well as on the return flight, fearing that the position could be detected from any side and the route of the plane was intercepted by hackers using pick-up devices Or civil frequencies.

Laurie explained that the goal was to keep the secret of the transfer of the body, for fear of the occurrence of any abomination, or seizure, especially as the circumstances of the Princess's death was confusing.

Laurie said a replacement was done at the last moment to keep the situation safe, after participants in the operation knew the space required to carry the coffin, adding that it was a good rehearsal for any situation involving the royal family in such matters.

"The 1997 operation was carried out with precision and confidentiality," he said. "The decision was suddenly made to be at 7 am," he said, adding that he had tested and succeeded in dealing with his team in the process.

He said that without his knowledge, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the military and international press were summoned to this exact hour at the Royal Air Force Airport in Northholt, putting him under pressure to coordinate and work on the difficult task he was leading.

"It was consistent during the trip," said Laurie of the Prince of Wales. "At the end of the trip he came to thank me for making things go smoothly.

"It was clear from that moment that Prince Charles, the father of William and Harry, would do everything in his power to raise the children in the right way."

According to the newspaper "Telegraph" British, Laurie did not participate details of this trip only this time for the first time, the twentieth anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, in order to put the facts in front of the historical record.

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