Jean-Marie Wayne, former leader of the National Front in France Jean-Marie Wayne, former leader of the National Front in France Jean-Marie Le Pen and his daughter are facing charges of inciting hatred
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Jean-Marie Le Pen, Nazism

The European Parliament is serious about preparations for the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of the former leader of the French National Front Party, the far-right Jean-Marie Le Pen and his daughter Marine, which took over the leadership of the party as his successor.

French court, the request to lift the immunity of Jean-Marie Le Pen for prosecution on charges of inciting racial hatred after comments about the singer Patrick Broil.

In June 2014, in the video recording mode on the website of the National Front party, Le Pen, launched an attack on artists who oppose this party, such as Madonna and Guy Beidou.

When asked about Patrick Broil Jewish origin, he said, "Listen, I'll bake the next time," suggesting that the Nazi gas chambers.

Le Pen, who has prosecuted several times in the past, been deprived of parliamentary immunity on several occasions because of his statements about the Jews, as well as after it saw that the Nazi gas chambers were "detailed in the history of the Second World War."

Also, European Parliament President Martin Schulz, delivered the request to the Committee on Legal Affairs, the lifting of the immunity of Marine Le Pen, issued by the prosecutor.

A source in the European Parliament, said that this demand is linked to the investigation of "spreading violent images", which opened after placed Marine Le Pen on account on Twitter in December 2015 pictures of the practices of the organization of the Islamic state. And she responded to a journalist she likened her party jihadist organization.

The European Parliament, he had taken action to refer Marine Le Pen on the judiciary in the case of "street prayers" to Muslims are comparing the Nazi occupation, in a file that was to prove innocence than in December 2015.

And Marine Le Pen, a candidate for the presidential elections to be held in April 2017, and all the opinion polls suggest that it will arrive in the second session, but it will be defeated if the elections were held today.

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