Musician Hyun Seung-wol, head of Spice Girls Musician Hyun Seung-wol, head of Spice Girls
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After the news of her execution, Kim Jung's mistress arrived in South Korea

North Korea / South Korea / Musician Hyun Seung-wol, head of Spice Girls, the former mistress of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, reported in 2013 that she was among 12 North Korean artists executed by firing squad and that the reason for the execution was "violation of local laws."

The relationship between Kim and his former lover developed in 2002 after the leader returned from Switzerland where he was studying at a private academy, but Kim Jong Il ordered his son to cut off his relationship with her and decided to marry an officer in the North Korean army "He said.

After all this news, the musical Hyun Songwol arrived in Seoul, capital of South Korea, amid great media attention, leading a 7-member North Korean team to prepare for the country's participation in the Winter Olympics in Pyongyang, South Korea. "

The newspaper added that "Wall and her team arrived in the capital, Seoul through the road road Kyung-e in an inspection visit to the sites of performances that will be staged by the band."

The newspaper pointed out that "Wal did not make any statement to the media that have been in dozens, to commemorate this historic visit, especially after the information had spoken in the past about the regime in Pyongyang to execute with other artists."

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