The Lebanese artist Ziad Itani and the presenter Susan El Hajj The Lebanese artist Ziad Itani and the presenter Susan El Hajj
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The story of Lebanese artist Ziad Itani from employment with Israel to innocence

The famous Lebanese artist Ziad Itani is one of the largest Sunni families in Lebanon and has a record number of about 10,000 voters. He is free.

Who saved Ziad al-Itani from the charge of communication?

The first was the arrest of Ziad Itani on November 23, 2017, on suspicion of continuing to communicate with Israel.

The Lebanese state security has accused him of ranging from preparing for assassinations to establishing a Lebanese nucleus to pave the way for the normalization of relations with Israel and promoting Zionist thought among intellectuals. According to the statement issued by the General Directorate of State Security, Anti-Spyware.

Ziad Itani did not find intellectuals or journalists who stand by him and support him in his ordeal, only two journalists and a brigade.

Journalist Fida Itani did not stop publishing the story of the famous actor, using his blog "Godo told us," asserting that he had information from officers and judges that all that Ziad confessed at the beginning of the investigations was under pressure and physical and moral torture by state security officers.

Maj. Gen. Ashraf Rifi, the former Lebanese Minister of Justice, said in a televised interview that the State Security apparatus had "fabricated" contacts to convict Ziad Itani for special accounts.

He pointed out that Ziad Itani, the real accused, is a journalist who knows him very well, and his name is similar to that of the theater actor.

The statement of the Major General and the movements of the journalist is a milestone in the history of the case. It was transferred from the State Security Service to the Information Branch and the re-opening of the investigation from point zero, but it can be considered as a complaint of all the investigations that have occurred previously, if not denied and refuted.

The transfer of the file, based on a judicial response issued by the military investigating judge I Riad Abu Ghida, "to analyze some of the technical points in the case of the prosecution on Itani the crime of contact with the enemy of Israel."

Attorney General Samir Hammoud said that "during the implementation of this investigation, there were cases that led to suspicion of a crime being investigated, and a number of persons are heard, including Lt. Col. Suzanne El-Hajj. As a result of this investigation, we will make the appropriate decisions."

Stop Lieutenant Susan Haj

The Lebanese authorities have arrested Suzanne El-Hajj, former head of the Internal Security Forces Information Crime Control Office, on charges of involvement in fabricating the charges against Ziad Itani, according to a judicial reference on suspicion of using an information pirate to fabricate the charge of communicating with an Israeli girl, Ziad Itani He is still under arrest.

According to Lebanese sources, Suzanne Al-Hajj, who was punished last October by separating her from her job and placing her at the disposal of the Director General of Internal Security because of her admiration for a tweet by Sherbel Khalil, detracts from the dignity of the Saudi woman. The name is Ziad Itani. Ziad replaced the artist Ziad the journalist, who has the same name, and wanted revenge.

The information indicated that "Susan Haj did not recognize any of the charges against her, which is under investigation and has not been claimed until now, and is expected to remain under investigation."

All Lebanese apologize

"All Lebanese apologize to Ziad Itani," Lebanese Interior Minister Nouhad Al-Mashnouq said on his page via Twitter. "Innocence is not enough, pride in him and his patriotism is the only fixed truth."

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