Simon Dolan, a British millionaire expelled from school Simon Dolan, a British millionaire expelled from school
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Simon Dolan, a British millionaire expelled from school

The British millionaire, Simon Dolan, expelled from school at the age of 16, began investing in a 10-pound local newspaper offering accounting services, but this little ad changed his life forever.

It was his out-of-school activities that fueled his sense of business. He worked as a newspaper reporter at the age of ten. When he was 13 years old, he was selling lottery tickets; he says he was always fond of numbers: "I was good at math, Interest in funds".

Dulan went on to invest in the race car and set up the JOTA Sport team in 2008 after his wife gave him a racing day at his birthday. Dolan also owns Jota Air Navigation, an airline based at South End Airport.

According to the BBC's website, "Dolan" was then 22 years old, who had been living on social assistance for 15 months after losing his job and driver's license for driving alcohol abuse; drowning in debt and anxiety; "He called me a customer three weeks later, I got her accounts, then put a second ad, and so on."

Dolan began working at a table in the kitchen of his home for 5 years. In 1997 he opened the first branch of SGD in Berkhamsted, 26 kilometers northwest of London, and developed lightning fast to become a leader in the construction accounting market.

The value of the company and its shares in the market have increased, with more than 14,500 customers in 2014 earning $ 20 million, and Dylan selling his company for $ 100 million.

Since he is the sole owner of the company, he has received $ 81 million; but he is careful to explain that his success has come gradually, and he believes that the growth of the company is always the result of more results than the previous month. The process for years the company will grow up and grow up. "

But the success of the company was difficult; some employees tried to embezzle money from 10,000 pounds to 60,000 pounds; but no one escaped impunity - according to Dolan - the company employed more than 200 people, and there must be someone trying to steal.

In September, he returned to accounting and founded Dolan Accounting, in partnership with former colleagues. The company has achieved similar success to its first company, SGD.

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