After the arrest of Turkish preacher Adnan Oktar, where will the blondes go?

Turkish authorities have arrested Adnan Oktar and dozens of his followers for fraud, libel and sexual abuse.

Adnan Oktar, born February 2, 1956 in the Turkish capital of Ankara, is a Caucasian family. He kept some of the Qur'an and studied the books of fiqh al-Hanafi, and completed his primary and secondary education in Ankara. He moved to Istanbul in 1979 where he studied philosophy and fine arts. Al-Mimar Sinan University, and philosophy at the University of Istanbul.

In 1980, Oktar was able to attract many followers through a small religious group while studying at the University of Istanbul, where he then described himself as the anti-Masonic and communist ideologue. He also wrote a 550-page book in which he claimed that the Jews and Masons were penetrating Turkish state institutions, Spiritual, religious and moral values ​​of the Turkish people".

Octar, also known as Harun Yahya, promoted himself as an advocate of Islam as a religion that accepts dance, wine and adultery, and his teachings do not contradict the unbridled appearance of sexy girls beside him.

O'Connell was a media reporter on his own channel, surrounded by a number of semi-naked girls, dancers and seduction artists dressed in sexy clothes and bottles of wine. He saw Islam as forbidden only to show women's breasts and sensitive areas.

The head of Turkish religious affairs, Dr. Ali Arbash Octar, described him as a "madman," warning against watching his channel, but Oktar responded quickly that "the salaries of religious affairs are paid from the brothel taxes in Turkey."

With the increasing acceptance of many in Turkey and the world, Octar has become a leader of a "religious sect," with its own teachings and rituals, and most of its members are wealthy, media reports say.

Oktar has been in Turkey himself as a close friend of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a real supporter of him, the Newsweek newspaper reported.

The newspaper said that the relationship appeared to be changing. A television watchdog had suspended in October a program offered by Oktar not because of its abuse of the Islamic religion, but because it violated "gender equality and women's rights."

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