The fact of the quarrel between the artist Zeina and an American family in Dubai The fact of the quarrel between the artist Zeina and an American family in Dubai

The fact of the quarrel between the artist Zeina and an American family in Dubai

A video of a fight between Egyptian artist Zeina and an American family of Egyptian origin spread during a Dubai hotel.

The video featured Zina and was animated after the children of the American family filmed it without prior permission, which was rejected and reached the end of the mutual aggression between the parties, the charge of the Dubai Police to Zina and the American family.

The artist Zaina issued a statement explaining the incident on Facebook, and said: I was surprised by several news in the sites and newspapers stating that I attacked a whole family during my presence in the UAE, and the strangest of the imagination in those suspicious news, which depends only on the distortion of my image, A little girl, a desperate attempt by the other to gain sympathy for him in his losing battle. "

"Although I am available to all the newspapers and websites that should have received the right of reply before the publication of false and unrealistic reports, knowing that this incident took place about 10 days ago and I did not talk about it in respect for the people and the UAE government, but I will tell the incident as it happened The text so as not to publish false news. "

"At Atlantis Dubai, I was sitting in a restaurant. I was surprised by people who broke into my private life and photographed me, and although this is a crime in the UAE, I asked them with all respect and respect to stop filming in secret. To insult and abuse my sister and I by the whole family and overly exaggerated. "

She said: "Since I am in the UAE and I know the extent of my rights well I immediately contacted the police, and released a report on what happened, knowing that I first submitted the communication and this is installed and also requested to unload cameras which naturally picked up what happened in detail, Investigation, and then issued a decision to prevent them from traveling until the completion of investigations. "

Zeina confirmed that after days of the problem, the family tried repeatedly to make peace and apologize, but I refused, as they tried to assert that they had American citizenship, and hinted at their ability to end the order, but I refused all these things and have no regard for me. I have the right to be fully entitled to legal rights, especially since the authorities in the UAE are so completely neutral with the incident. No nationality is recognized in the world except justice, and I am confident in the impartiality and impartiality of the authorities that are currently investigating. On my right as well .

She concluded by saying: "Finally, I ask everyone to investigate the accuracy of what is published and attributed to me absurdly and unreally, and I call on the various sites and newspapers not to repeat rumors without verifying the official records currently conducted by the authorities in the UAE on the basis of the communication submitted by me, Official details that will happen later. "

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