Shooting on Zain Al-Omar and Dr. Simon Haddad Shooting on Zain Al-Omar and Dr. Simon Haddad
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Shooting on Zain Al-Omar and Dr. Simon Haddad

The Lebanese artist Zein Al-Omar and Dr. Simon Haddad were shot in front of the Church of Our Lady of Deliverance in Jounieh, against the backdrop of problems in the Samaya tourist complex.

The website "frankly" interviewed Zain Al-Omar, who told him the details of what happened with him, stressing that he will go directly to the judiciary to be charged against the unknown and all who appear in the investigation.

Zain Al-Omar initially assured the public that he was fine and miraculously survived the attempt to kill.

He revealed that at 7:30 pm while he was leaving the compound of Samaya in Jounieh with his wife's brother, the chairman of the board of directors of the Samaya compound, Dr. Simon Haddad. At the gate of the compound, a number of owners were demonstrating because of a disagreement between the administration and some owners in "Samaya" due to inaction Regarding maintenance.

He said that the demonstrators in front of the compound attacked his car and began to beat it. He was worried that things were not going well and he did not stop and completed his car. He was hit by a motorcycle in which two people were riding. One of them shot him when he arrived at the Church of Our Lady of Salvation.

He added: The motorcycle continued to chase him to the area, "Suhaila" Zain has fled the two persons by adopting side roads.

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