Flagrant view of Nada Alkamel Flagrant view of Nada Alkamel

Flagrant view of Nada Alkamel

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Visi-on News) Nada al-Kamil, the wife of Ahmad al-Feshawi, appeared in obscene terms, while some described them as bold.

 Nada Kamel appeared with her husband Ahmad al-Fishawi while they were enjoying a cruise on the Red Sea coast. She wore a cotton shirt with high suspenders and a deep V-shaped chest.

The wife of the Egyptian star had stirred up a fuss about her clothes. She looked at the red carpet at the El Gouna Festival, wearing a dress that revealed the curves of her body in a way that she criticized critics of social networking sites and her husband's eagerness to kiss her in front of the cameras.

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