The artist Hala Shiha and the real return of art with "colorful" The artist Hala Shiha and the real return of art with "colorful"
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The artist Hala Shiha and the real return of art with "colorful"

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Egyptian artist Hala Shiha confirmed the real return to art after she wore the hijab and decided to retire and went to live in Canada.

After a controversy over the return of Hala Shiha to art, the Egyptian artist confirmed her return with pictures in which she appeared in full dress in preparation for the start of her first artistic steps after her retreat from the decision to retire art.

The new photos of Hala Shiha published by the beauty expert Dina Sabri, pointing out that they have made a change in the form, without revealing the reason behind the makeup and appearance together.

In order not to be insulted by some who have not yet accepted the idea of ​​returning an artful solution to the veil, the beauty expert has deleted comments from the pictures.

But the father of Hala Shiha indicated in a press statement that his daughter is still convinced of her return to art, but is currently in Canada because of the inability to transfer children to schools in Egypt, which prompted them to be with them during the academic year there, and this is the secret of disappearing from the scene.

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