In TUNISIA, Concert of António Zambujo In TUNISIA, Concert of António Zambujo

In TUNISIA, Concert of António Zambujo

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, The Music and Opera Pole of the Opera Theater of the City of Culture, and in partnership with the Portuguese Embassy in Tunis a musical concert by the great artist António Zambujo, one of the icons of the Portuguese Fado, which represents today a real phenomenon in Portugal.

Accompanied by a guitarist, a bass player, a trumpet player and a saxophonist, António Zambujo, began his concert with "Fantalidade" a short song that took the audience into the world of Sodade, this lament melancholy that reminds us of the Diva Amalia Rodrigues, who represents the entire Portuguese identity, merging the songs with poetry through the ancient register of immigration and exile.

This outstanding António Zambujo, managed to merge this art with some modern expressions like Jazz by using the mystic Portuguese "Guitarra" and the acoustic guitar with the trumpet and the Saxophone while preserving the soul of this popular music that he performs in a way almost free of any accessory. On an empty stage with very soft lights, the musicians reproduced very old traditions, which preserved, through time, the deep songs of men and women that love, exile and absence marked their souls forever.

A very beautiful show with the scent of Beja, this old southern Portuguese country that reminds us that the Fado style does not stop in Lisbon, but it also extends over all this land

to embrace the ocean. António Zambujo played a selection of hits t like "Casa Fechada", " Valsa Dum Pavao Ciumento "," Faith Deus " and so many others.

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