Hamdi Kandil, Goodbye "Editor-in-Chief", author of the pen "lead" The late Hamdi Kandil died at the age of 82 after a long struggle with renal failure.

Hamdi Kandil, Goodbye "Editor-in-Chief", author of the pen "lead"

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The death of the Egyptian writer and media Hamdi Qandil left a severe shock to his fans in the Arab world and the words of condolences and condolences by the celebrities of the media, art and sports, deposed the late words of the weeping.

The words of the eulogy came from Mohamed Abutreka, former Egyptian national team player and Egyptian team, Egyptian artist Nabil Al-Halafawi, media Wael El-Ibrachi.

The late Hamdi Kandil died at the age of 82 after a long struggle with renal failure.

The late journalist Hamdi Kandil presented several programs, including "newspaper reports", "editor-in-chief" and "pencil", but the details of his life remained vague to many, as he did not like to talk much about himself.

About four years before his departure, Hamdi Qandil published his personal memoirs through his book "I Live Twice", in which he revealed many personal and human aspects of his life that contributed greatly to his character formation.

One of the strangest details in Hamdi Qandil's life is that he began studying mining and petroleum at the Faculty of Science. He then left to study medicine at the Kasr al-Aini College. He then turned to journalism at the Faculty of Arts after working with a few magazines.

The story of the marriage of Hamdi Kandil from Najla Fathi was strange. He met her in 1991 to hold a press interview with her on the sidelines of the Cairo Film Festival. And she would marry him on the day without any delay, to tell her that he had been married before, and that their marriage had already been held that night.

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