"Eric (right) and Donald Jr., Donald Trump's sons." "Eric (right) and Donald Jr., Donald Trump's sons."
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Donald Trump's children are taking advantage of his post before entering the Oval Office

Donald Jr. and Eric, two sons of the new US president-elect Donald Trump, starting in the exploitation of the position of their father before taking over the White House administration, but exploitation starts from the inauguration, did not even wait for their father enters the Oval Office.

Donald Jr. and Eric, two sons of President Bush, they are two of the four directors, the organization " Organization "Opening Day Foundation", which drew its name from the inauguration of Trump ceremony in the January 20, 2017, was founded in Texas (south) at December 14, 2016, according to Center for Public Integrity, "CPI "specializes in investigative reporting.

Organization "Opening Day Foundation" initiative administered by two sons, Donald Trump, has collected donations of up to a million dollars from each donor, in exchange for an invitation card for a special ceremony with the new president.

The Centre published on its website the founding document of non-profit organization which provides that the profits to be reaped this organization will go to "specialized charitable organizations in the province," the US and protect nature, especially the preservation of the American tradition of hunting and fishing.

This organization organizes a concert the evening of January 21 at the Convention Center in Washington donors involved in it will have the most generous of them the opportunity to attend a special ceremony with the new president, with the possibility of picking up a souvenir photo with him as well as a souvenir a guitar carries Dedicate artist famous Unnamed will greet concert, as well as also the possibility of participating in a fishing trip with my son the president or both.

Organization added that donors could keep their identities under wraps since it

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