Letters bag Queen of Britain, protecting herself from poisons, their own ploy

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Britain, has several tricks, including her own handbag letters, which she sends to her bodyguards, so don't leave her purse out of her bed.If you move her from hand to hand, her message is sent to her bodyguard.

There are other tricks for the British Queen, to protect herself from being targeted by poisoning her food.

For each meal a variety of dishes are prepared and a chef is randomly selected to choose from one dish to be served to the queen.

This way no one will ever know what the queen will eat until seconds before serving.

Therefore, whoever plans to put poison to the Queen of Britain, will have to put poison in all dishes and thus cause the death of everyone in the Royal Palace!

Queen Elizabeth has a lot of eating habits, she never eats garlic, and caviar is a taboo in the royal palace, to protect everyone in the palace from food poisoning.

Although there are plenty of luxurious dining rooms inside the palace, food is served to the queen in the living room, where she prefers to eat while watching TV daily.

The queen also begins her meal with soup, choosing between gene soup and debonah as her favorite. The menu is renewed weekly, so the chefs make a new menu to choose from.

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