Israel has put American singer Demi Lovato in an embarrassing situation

American singer Demi Lovato apologized for not knowing the details of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- The American singer, Demi Lovato, has dealt with the controversy raised by her visit to the Holy Places in the occupied Palestinian territories with a lot of civility and wisdom, saying that the visit does not reflect any political position towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Demi Lovato, 26, published photos of her in the Old City of Jerusalem and another documenting her baptism in the Jordan River.

"I am an American singer, I grew up on Christianity, and I have Jewish ancestors," she said. Offering me the opportunity to visit the places I read about in the Bible, I said yes. "

She said she had "never felt such spirituality and closeness to God" during her visit, something I have missed in the past few years.

As soon as the singer, who was also in the field of acting, published those images, even angry comments, which she considered biased in favor of Israel in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, especially since she did not mention the word "Palestine" on any of the places I visited.

In response to the comments, Lovato sent a message to her audience on Instagram, saying: "I am very upset. I accepted a free trip to visit Israel in exchange for posting some photos on my account. Nobody told me that I was making any mistake by doing this, or that I was insulted." Anyone. "

"I am sorry if you hurt or humiliated anyone. This was not my intention. Sometimes some people give you opportunities without telling you about the possibility of a violent reaction in return." She stressed that the trip was "for spiritual purposes," and not as a political position, adding: "I now realize that it caused harm to people, so I am sorry."

"I am sorry that I am not more educated (on the Palestinian issue). I am sorry that I thought this trip would only be a spiritual experience," she added.

She also pointed out that all those close to her advised her not to apologize for that trip, but she insisted on this, and continued: "I go against all the advice given to me and apologize because this seems right to me, I prefer to fall into trouble to be honest with myself, to stay "I love you, Republican. All of you. Everywhere."

Lovato was on the verge of death in July 2018 because of an overdose of drugs, after she turned away from her and alcohol for years, and after the incident, the singer decided to keep a low profile and focus on her health.

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