Sunday, 05 July 2020

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A dead man in the house of Najlaa Fathi A corpse of a girl in the garden of an Egyptian artist's house

A dead man in the house of Najlaa Fathi

Egyptian News Vision: - A farmer finds the body of a young woman who was killed in the courtyard of the villa of the Egyptian actress, Naglaa Fathi, in the Fayoum area.

One of the farmers who was interested in the garden of the Egyptian artist’s house, found something floating on the surface of the water and approached to retrieve it.

The sources said that the girl is in the late second decade or at the beginning of the third decade of her life, and her identity has not yet been revealed.

After investigating the incident, it was found that the girl's uncle was suspicious of her behavior, which led him to kill her by hanging, and throw her body in a watercourse, as the water stream played a role in transporting the young woman's body later to collect the water in the courtyard of the Egyptian artist's villa.

The sources revealed that the girl's uncle strangled her to death and later placed her body in a mobile phone with heavy stones so that it would not float on the surface, and then dumped her in the Snoras Sea in Fayoum.


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