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Wednesday, 05 February 2020 14:37

A video of Maryam Hussein talking about her insult to Saudi Arabia

Moroccan Maryam Hussein disavows the charge of Saudi Arabia Moroccan Maryam Hussein disavows the charge of Saudi Arabia

Moroccan actress Maryam Bin Hussein said she was not deserving of insult, and denied that she had offended Saudi Arabia. She pointed out that her ex-husband and daughter are from Saudi Arabia, but she made clear that she was bullied a lot during the last period, especially the period of her "pregnancy" and after the birth.

And a video clip spread for the mother of Moroccan actress Maryam Hussein, as she was urging the rulers of the Emirates to release her daughter who was sentenced to imprisonment in the case of the porn video filed against it by the journalist Saleh Al Jasmi, the brother of the artist Hussein Al Jasmi.

Maryam Hussein topped the communication sites in recent days because of the final ruling in her case with Saleh Al Jasmi, after two years and more than the case was discussed in the courts, which ended with the imprisonment of Mary Hussein for a month and deportation from the country and the innocence of Saleh Al Jasmi, in cases of mutual insult and defamation.

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