The case of Ahmad al-Fishawi's daughter and father is not over

Abu Dhabi, UAE (Egyptian News Vision) The case of Ahmed Al-Fishawi's daughter and father is not over, Shaaban Saeed, a lawyer, daughter of the artist Ahmed Al-Fishawi, revealed during an interview with ET Arabic.

What is new in the case of Lina al-Fishawi, that the ruling was banned from travel, and can return to Egypt, perhaps in the school holidays.

There are still outstanding issues between Lina and her father, Ahmed al-Fishawi. He did not pay all the money that he was, because of which he was sentenced, and all he did was pay part of the amount owed him.

Press reports revealed that Ahmed al-Fishawi reached an agreement with his ex-wife, Hind al-Hinnawi, on the money that he has to pay in three installments and the first payment already.

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