Asala Kamel publishes her image while she is in underwear and threatens

May 28, 2020
 Egyptian media Asala Kamel Egyptian media Asala Kamel Source de l'image: - google

Without justification, the Egyptian media, Asala Kamel, photographed herself in underwear, and published it on the International Photo Exchange website, Instagram, and then quickly deleted it, apologized for it and said that the photo was published by mistake, according to her saying.

However, Asala Kamel threatened everyone who publishes the image, as many of her followers had taken a copy of it, after she caused widespread controversy.

The picture witnessed a lot of reactions between a defender of Asala Kamel and a satirical one, and some doubted that the photo had been published in error, especially as it was published on Snapchat at the same time.

Asala Kamel is an Egyptian broadcaster and presenter of programs on MBC 3, and she has sparked widespread controversy after she completely changed her appearance and appeared in a different appearance, as she abandoned long hair and appeared with very short hair, which many considered to be inappropriate for being a presenter for children's programs.

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