Banah releases “Shou El Hal “with Universal Music MENA

November 27, 2020
Banah releases “Shou El Hal “with Universal Music MENA Banah releases “Shou El Hal “with Universal Music MENA Photo source: - Compilation of news visibility from Google

Beirut – Egyptian news vision:– Banah releases her new single with Universal Music Mena entitled “Shou El Hal”. This single will be the leading track and title of the compilation album of all Banah’s previous work and which will be released in December 2020.

The song that is in Levantine Arabic and that takes on a fusion sound combining oriental and Latin beats was written by Pierre Hayek and produced by Universal Music MENA. As for the melody of the track, it was designed by Yehya Al Hassan and arranged by Omar Sabbagh .

“Shou El Hal” tackles a common subject in relationships where a woman asks her partner for stability and consistency through a comedic approach.

Banah described the song as a great representation of who she is musically and what she wants to achieve.

“This song is a collaboration with an amazing team which I have been working with to establish a consistent and unique sound in the Levant Music scene” She added.

The Song was filmed as a video clip in Bahrain virtually directed by Moe Bsat who was responsible for Banah’s latest success in “El Aaada El Helwa” achieving 11 million views on Tiktok .

The clip story is a comedic approach to marriage and commitments with small quarks to hint relationship struggles not only in the Arab World but worldwide. As

for the illustrations, they were created by the Lebanese talent Leila Charafeddine who portrayed Banah and her partner as well as the story through custom made animations throughout the video.

Both Moe and Leila succeeded in showing a new side of Banah’s character in this clip that reflected something similar to what Banah went through before she got married and a reality that young couples face today.

“Shou El Hal” is available now on all platforms and the video is available on YouTube and on all digital platforms.

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