"Be Mine" Massari’s new song and music video

February 20, 2021
Massari pulls out a wedding ring and proposes on set Massari pulls out a wedding ring and proposes on set

Beirut,Massari sends a message of love in his new romantic song "Be Mine".

He decided to propose to his fiancée Sahar Golestani on set during the filming of "Be Mine" music video - directed by Daniel Romanos- in Los Angeles. This proposal is the fruit of a beautiful love story they’ve been sharing for 9 years.

“I wrote this song to express my  feelings about this beautiful relationship I share with Sahar.”Be Mine” highlights and completes my initial quest for Real Love. I found in Sahar my better half and I wanted to make this proposal memorable so I decided to immortalize it on set and share with the whole world how much Sahar means to me. I want her to "Be Mine" and it is with her that I want to write the second chapter of our life” Massari said.

He added:” I also wanted to encourage other people out there who are still looking for their soul mate to never to give up on Love. I know it sounds like a fairytale cliché but I truly believe that we’re all capable of turning our dreams into reality, and attracting the things we want in our lives just by thinking positively.”

"Be Mine" is written by Massari, Produced by Massari and Kemyst Mastered by Collins at Sing Mastering Studios, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States , Mixed by Narek Ambarat Narek Ambar Private Studios, LA, California and  Recorded and Engineered by Adium (Martin Sinotte) at Massari Studios, LA, California.

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