Bill Gates buys eco-friendly for $ 645 million

Bill Gates, a global tech guy, Bill Gates, who has donated 100 million euros to fight the new Corona virus, is looking for environmental friendship with $ 645 million.

This amount is set aside for the construction of a luxury yacht, provided that it is environmentally friendly and works with liquid hydrogen, allowing it to travel 4 thousand miles without the need to refuel, which means that emissions from fuel combustion are only water.

The yacht, which was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2019, measures 113 meters in length and consists of 5 full floors with a space for 14 guests and a crew of 31, a gymnasium, yoga hall, beauty room, massage salon and swimming pool.

Gates, 64, is known to take regular vacations on board large yachts, but this is the first time he has purchased.

In the past he used to rent boats during summer trips to the Mediterranean, and it is not expected that the new yacht will be ready to sail before 2024.

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