Wednesday, 03 June 2020

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Celebrities among the victims of corona virus Kuwaiti artist, while the judiciary is due to Covid 19

Celebrities among the victims of corona virus

Egyptian News Vision: - The effect of the spread of the Corona virus has had effects even at the level of dramas and celebrities around the world, as photography has stopped, in addition to recording injuries, or suspected infections.

Here are some celebrities who have been the victims of Corona Virus, Covid 19. In response to repeated appeals from the Egyptian state to adhere to homes and prevent gatherings, to reduce the spread of corona virus infection, 6 Egyptian series were stopped in the interest of the lives of stars and technicians, and the sudden decision came to reduce the chances of the star Mai Ezz Al-Din joining the season of Ramadan 2020 drama.

David Cruz, former star friend of the world star, Jennifer Lopez was in a hospital in Manhattan, after being infected with the Corona virus, and he passed away at the age of 51.

Jennifer Lopez and Cruz have been dating since they were together in high school, and their relationships lasted about 10 years before they separated in the mid-1990s.

The former Lebanese Minister, May Chidiac, announced that she had contracted the new Corona virus, after she returned last week from France.

Chidiac said that she returned from the French capital, Paris, and showed some symptoms similar to infection with the Corona virus, which necessitated her immediate commitment to the home stone.

The Kuwaiti authorities referred the artist, Fouz Al-Fahad, to the Public Prosecution for investigation regarding the device that she promoted without an official permit from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health to ensure that it is suitable for human use.


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