Egyptian actress Mimi Gamal retired from acting

February 01, 2021
Egyptian actress Mimi Gamal retired from acting Egyptian actress Mimi Gamal retired from acting

Dubai, UAE, VISION: - The Egyptian actress, Mimi Gamal, announced her retirement from acting, during a live telephone interview on the "This Morning" program presented by Asma Mostafa on the "Extra News" channel.

Mimi Jamal said during the intervention, that she lived with her husband, the late artist Hassan Mustafa, for more than 40 years, as a couple at home, while outside, each of them had a job. Retiring from art.

Mimi Jamal explained that she wants to make up for the period of her life that passed with her family and so that she can rest after her long career in the art world, stressing that the decision to retire is very comfortable for her psychologically.

The news of the retirement of the Egyptian actress, Mimi Gamal, spread on social media and news sites.

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