Egyptian artist Khaled Nabawi is in critical condition

On the health of the Egyptian artist, Khaled El-Nabawy, and his heart attack that necessitated an urgent catheterization in the heart, his attending physician went out to refute the rumor of his death, stressing that he might need surgical intervention in the anterior descending coronary artery by the stent or surgically.

He wrote: "The death of the artist Khaled is a rumor, and on the idea of ​​such rumors leads to a deterioration of the morale of the person with intensive care, and exacerbates his critical condition, please do not need to be informed before the investigation.

He continued: "The artist is still in intensive care in the French palace, after installing the pillar of life in the posterior coronary artery, after a sharp clot in the posterior coronary artery, which led to an imbalance of the heart's electricity, while he was in the gymnasium, and he fell unconscious and transferred it to receive critical cases."

He added: "After the doctors dealt with the posterior coronary artery, which is the culprit in this incident, it may need close intervention in the anterior descending coronary artery by stenting or surgically.

The heart attack harvests multiple risk factors, including smoking, tension, silent high pressure, high harmful fat, and life Idle, abdominal obesity and possibly silent diabetes with a genetic predisposition. "

Mona El-Maghraby, the wife of the artist Khaled El-Nabawy, asked his fans to pray for him after he was transferred to the hospital.

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