Hot video Angie Khoury for Muhammad bin Salman

A hot video, by Syrian artist, Angie Khoury, appears to open a new stage of departure for Saudi Arabia, during which she talks about her admiration for the manhood of Muhammad bin Salman.



Angie Khoury, who was deported from Lebanon to Dubai, then from the Gulf to Damascus, seems to be seeking to leave towards Saudi Arabia, after she encouraged the Saudi national team and announced her admiration for the manhood of Muhammad bin Salman, during a post on Twitter.

The Syrian actress published several videos, the most prominent of which was a video she published while sipping beer, as she said in her comment on the video, adding “drink beer and forget Kalashi”, where beer is one of the types of wines that are absent in the mind.

She also published another video, on which she wrote a commentary “Green for the People of the Green”, which was considered by some to be an encouragement from the Saudi national team, which came to the Gulf Cup final 24, after its difficult victory over Qatar.

"Engy" posted a video in which she appeared suggesting sexual suggestions, and reviewing her chest, which angered the followers.

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