Monday, 01 June 2020

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Iman Gutan said to Asmaa Beauty: Do something good on your head Moroccan Asmaa Beyti profits from helping those affected by the Coruna virus

Iman Gutan said to Asmaa Beauty: Do something good on your head

Morocco, Egyptian news vision: - Moroccan journalist, Iman Agoutan, criticized the behavior of the Moroccan Youtube, Asmaa"beauty", and asked her to do good, to stay at home, instead of trying to appear as a philanthropist, while she profited from what she had done.

Asmaa Beyti had provided food aid to people affected by the decision to close restaurants, bathrooms and others, as part of the precautionary measures taken by Morocco, to besiege the new Corona virus.

Iman Agoutan criticized the names of Asma Beyti's clothes she was wearing during the provision of aid, as well as photographing and publishing it, in addition to having ads on the video.

Asmaa Beauty has also appeared to hate and accept people, while preventive measures prevent this.

Agutan told Asma that it would have been better to stick to preventive measures and stay with her house rather than exploiting the simple, and break the kingdom's measures to block the Corona virus.


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