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Tuesday, 04 February 2020 08:59

Lebanese dancer Susie, her family refused to receive her body

The dancer Susie Shimmel is not a transgender The dancer Susie Shimmel is not a transgender

The family of the transgender Lebanese dancer, Suzy, refused to receive her urge, and take charge of her burial, and her friend Joel Badr sponsored all the costs and burial ceremonies of which no one from her family, nor an association, except the Society for the Defense of Human Rights, attended, while no representative attended On gay rights advocates.

It was also rejected that she was buried in the Shatila Cemetery. "This cemetery, which was classified as a burial of the deceased of the sons of Beirut in the name of" the endowment of Sunni Muslim scholars to take over the Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, "was buried in the cemetery of Bir Hassan.

This comes after they discovered, when preparing for the burial, that she was a Shemel, meaning that she was a female with a penis.

Suzy died of a heart attack, at the entrance to her home, and this is what she said she expects about her death, during a press interview, and she justified this by the suffering and psychological pressure she experienced. Her transgender friend, Joel Badr, denied that she had died of AIDS, and confirmed that she had died of a heart attack.

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