Lekid Lebanon, the prince of melody and witr, musician Elias Rahbani

January 05, 2021
Lekid Lebanon, the prince of melody and witr, musician Elias Rahbani Lekid Lebanon, the prince of melody and witr, musician Elias Rahbani

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The former Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, mourned Elias Rahbani through his Twitter account, and many art celebrities in Lebanon and the Arab world expressed their grief at his death.

The Lebanese musician, Elias Rahbani, passed away, on Monday, at the age of 83.

The Syndicate of Professional Artists in Lebanon also termed the departure of the Lebanese musician, saying that it means "the loss of Lebanon, the master of the creative arenas in the Arab world and the world.

The prince of melody and chord the musician Elias Rahbani, may God have mercy on him, and his residence is spacious."

With the departure of Elias Rahbani, Lebanese and Arab music lost one of the pillars of the unique Rahbanian School, which blends the peculiarity of the region and the world.

For 13 years, Rahbani received his musical education at the Lebanese Academy and the National Institute of Music, from the mid-forties of the last century to the late 1950s, and was chosen as a music consultant for Radio Lebanon in the early 1960s.

It has more than 2,500 melodies, including soundtracks for famous Arab films, such as "My Blood, My Tears, My Smile".

Through the sign of his tunes, the late Lebanese singer Sabah and Mrs. Fairouz sang, and from his eternal tunes for her: “It was Anna Tahoun,” Layl and Awda Forgotten, Bird Al Warwar.

Late artists sang songs from his tunes, such as Wadih Al Safi, Nasri Shams El Din, and Melhem Barakat.

His generosity extended to generations of Lebanese artists, such as Majida Al-Roumi and Julia Boutros, in addition to Haifa Wehbe in the song "I Want to Live" in 2005.

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