Marvin Isaac, the success story of a young Egyptian who became a deputy in Germany

April 01, 2021
Marvin Isaac, an Egyptian young man wins the parliamentary elections at the German state level Marvin Isaac, an Egyptian young man wins the parliamentary elections at the German state level

Turkey, Daily Times: - The young Egyptian, Marvin Isaac, residing in Germany, won the parliamentary elections in Germany at the state level, and became a member of the parliament of the German state of Eschborn.

Marvin Ishaq is 19 years old. Various countries of the world, expressing his readiness to deliver a lecture through the center, in which he reveals the success he had attained until he became a deputy in the parliament of the German state of Eschborn.

Ambassador Nabila Makram expressed her great happiness to follow Marvin to what is happening on the land of Egypt, and to stick to him and speak the Egyptian and Arabic language very well, explaining that his parents were very keen to speak Arabic inside the house.

Marvin is studying industrial engineering, majoring in mechanical engineering, and was serving as president of the Students' Union at the school he attended, until the headmaster of the school - who became a parliamentarian - encouraged him to enter the elections.

Marvin said that his journey with politics began from a speech he gave - when he was president of the student union at the school - in front of a large number of citizens after the school director won the elections and became a deputy, and he found approval from all those who listened to his speech, and he requested more than one party in Germany to join and join from During him in politics.

The young Egyptian added that he joined a political party, and when the elections approached, he set up a program and his campaign slogan was "Policy from a Young Man to the Youth", as he sees the importance of youth participation in political and public work, explaining that renewal in personalities is required, but experiences must be taken advantage of and a mix between them. And among the youth.

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