Maryam Hussein in a sexy female look, Instagram video

February 05, 2021
Maryam Hussein in a sexy female look, Instagram video Maryam Hussein in a sexy female look, Instagram video

Dubai United Arab Emirates: The Moroccan artist, Maryam Hussein, shared her followers on the global photo exchange site Instagram, a video in which she appeared with an exciting and controversial female look.

Maryam Hussein was standing in front of a photographer's camera in a new photo session, with an open chest, which sparked criticism from her followers.

Maryam Hussein had announced her position on the decision to imprison the artist, Donia Batma, where she indicated in a comment that she tolerates her and believes in the justice of the judiciary, and she also appealed to the King of Morocco to intervene to prevent her imprisonment because she is a mother.

Recently, a picture dating back to her childhood was circulated and it was found that Maryam Hussein had previously posted it on her own account in the application and attached it to the comment: "20 years ago when you were riding bicycles."

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