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Wednesday, 01 April 2020 12:08

Mohra Bahraini proud of drug money

Mohra Bahraini stir controversy again Mohra Bahraini stir controversy again

Mohra Bahraini published a video during which she talked about the source of her wealth and advice to achieve wealth and preserve wealth.

Mohra Bahraini said that she was living her life and behaving without thinking, but the presence of her son Tamim made her think and try to conserve her money.

She used to buy many clothes and jewelry and exchange her car once every 4 years, except that after having her child made her mother supervise her, by setting All the money she earns and what she owns in the bank, and allocates to her a monthly stipend, which he spends from it and does not exceed it except with the approval of her mother.

Mohrah, a Bahraini, married Kuwaiti producer and actor Adel Al-Muslim in 2016, 21 years her senior, to give birth to her only child, Tamim.

Kuwaiti police arrested Adel Al-Musallam and his Iraqi partner on charges of drug trafficking in 2016 and shortly after his marriage in Mahra, and he also confessed to owning a factory that aims to fill the "chemical" substance.

Mohra Bahraini is accustomed to revealing the details of her private life to the public and showcasing the opulence and luxury that she was living in, and this may be the reason behind her husband being put under a microscope and watching him in order to know where he has this huge wealth, especially after reviewing the precious gifts that she received from her husband, including jewelry The private plane and billboard of a million riyals, and many others.

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