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Prince Charles talks about his marriage to Princess Diana After suffering from corona

Prince Charles talks about his marriage to Princess Diana

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- 20 years after her death in a biography titled Charles At Seventy: Thoughts, Hopes and Dreams, Prince Charles talks about his marriage to Princess Diana.

In the unpublished notes, which were published by paragraphs, including the Italian newspaper "La Barbiolica" and carried by the Iram Agency, the British guardian acknowledged that he always knew that his wedding to Mrs D "would not be roses and flowers," saying "We met 12 times before marriage, I could not understand What if it could be the woman of my life. "

He added: "I desperately wanted to cancel the marriage when I discovered during the engagement the possibility of bad possibilities, as I had no chance to know Diana in advance."

The forced marriage, celebrated in 1982, was the result of pressure from his father, Prince Philip, who told Charles, "Either you marry her or you leave her."

According to the book, "Charles found that the mood of Princess Diana was impossible to deal with."

The prince was so unhappy that before the wedding day, he cried at the window of Buckingham Palace, while Diana on her part admitted to her sisters that she no longer wanted to marry.

Years later, Charles admitted to his friends, "I feel guilty because I pushed her into a world that she had never had; forcing her to live a life she was not able to manage."

The heir to the British throne who later married Camilla, his old love, said he regretted what happened between him and his first wife, "I do not blame anyone for everything that happened, they were wrong choices, now with Camilla I am happy."

Prince Charles, Princess Diana Spencer, married a legendary wedding in July 1982, and he fathered her the second heir to the throne of Britain, Prince William, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, who announced his abandonment of his royal duties a while ago.

In December 1992, former British Prime Minister John Major announced the separation of Diana and Charles, and then announced the divorce in August 1996, against the background of a relationship between Prince Charles and his current wife, Princess Camilla, after publishing intimate talks between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker in 1993.

Princess Diana died in September 1997, in a mysterious car accident when she was accompanied by her British businessman boyfriend, Emad Al-Fayed, and Charles walked behind her coffin at the royal funeral accompanied by his two sons and Princess Diana's brother.

Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, on April 9, celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, differently, due to the difficult circumstances that Prince Charles faced after being exposed to and recovering from the Coronavirus, and his wife finally coming out of self-isolation.


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