Thursday, 04 June 2020

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Rihanna is in the arms of an American rapper, Esab Rocky Rihanna has left Hassan Jameel for Esap Rocky

Rihanna is in the arms of an American rapper, Esab Rocky

International superstar Rihanna appeared in the arms of American rapper, Esab Rocky, at the Yams Day Benefit on January 17, 2020, the same day she broke off her relationship with Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel.

After the party ended, the duo completed their celebration in New York and spent the night together

. A close source said: "Rihanna and Rocky shared a hotel suite during that trip in New York," noting that Rihanna was reluctant to announce her relationship with Rocky, especially as she had just separated from her previous relationship.

"They enjoy each other, although the relationship is informal, and she does not think about whether there is a future with Rocky, but she really enjoys the relationship with him," the source said.

This is not the first time that the name Rihanna and Rocky have been linked emotionally, in 2013 they were spotted together enjoying each other in New York City, but the rapper rushed to calm down any rumors of their relationships, saying: "I don't look at it like this."

Rocky, 30, made international headlines when he was arrested and convicted of assault, when he performed at a party in the Swedish capital, where a verdict was issued against him suspended, after the court found that the assault was not "of a serious nature." ".


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