Saturday, 08 August 2020

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The first Arab artist infected with corona virus Sara Al Hani wishes her health

The first Arab artist infected with corona virus

Egyptian News Vision: - The Corna virus was the reason for stopping all artwork and concerts around the world, but this did not prevent a number of art stars from contracting this disease, and those close to them, led by the star Tom Hanks and his wife.

As for the Arab artists, the Bahraini artist, Hind, was the first infected with this virus, according to what the Lebanese artist, Sarah Al-Hani, announced.

On the International Photo Exchange website, Instagram, Sarah Al Hani announced that a friend of the Bahraini artist, Hind, had been infected with the new Corona virus, where she published a photo of them, and revealed that Bahrain's Hind conducted tests and medical examinations that showed positive results with the virus.

"My sister, my friend, and my doll," she wrote on the picture, "I am sure that you will face this virus and eliminate it soon ..".

And the Bahraini actress Hind is in a hospital in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where she recently returned from Spain and appears to have been infected with the virus while abroad, because she was in contact with a group of foreigners.


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