Tony Katoura, Lebanese Shaboula

February 02, 2021
Tony Katoura, Lebanese Shaboula Tony Katoura, Lebanese Shaboula

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Vision: - Tony Kattora, a Lebanese singer, chose to enter the world of fame through the door of modesty and humiliation and succeeded in gaining the attention of the Lebanese and rising to the trend.

Tony Kattoura, a son of Tire, released his new song to cause an uproar and disapproval among his followers, saying at the beginning: “A mule of a colt and a donkey met on the road… Reduce the mule, donkey… How are you, friend… we heard the braying”.

Ktoura, who insists on writing and composing his own songs, tells his story to one of the websites: “I was going through a difficult day, due to the miserable economic conditions in the country, and I was riding my motorbike, when I passed the commercial market in the city, and I found 3 young men blocking the road, exchanging conversation, and the sound of their giggles filling The atmosphere, indifferent to pedestrians, who barely find a way out of it.

He added, “After a long wait and a lot of argument, I passed, and said to myself,“ You have a mule 3: a mule, a colt and a donkey they met on the road.

After thinking about these words, I fell in love with it so I decided to write and release the song. ”

Kattora loves many styles of folk singing, dabka, monologue, mountainous, and tarabi, and has more than 300 songs that he performs during his private concerts.

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