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Turn off the second light from the trio of the Egyptian theater lights Farewell to the Egyptian comedian, George their master

Turn off the second light from the trio of the Egyptian theater lights

Egyptian News Vision: - The second star of the trio of the Egyptian theater lights, the great comedian, George Sidhom, 82, remained true to the covenant with a companion trained by Samir Ghanem, after the guest Ahmed passed away.

The last appearance of George Sidhom was several years ago, in one of the advertisements, where Samir Ghanem and Sherine participated in the marriage play.

Everyone appeared in the same clothes as the characters that they presented in the play and in the same decor that was prepared specifically for the reunification of the team after many years.

Artist George Sidhom, born in Gerga, Sohag, in 1938. George Sidhom joined Ain Shams University, graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in 1961, then met his two colleagues, Smirghanim and guest Ahmed, and created with them a three-stage group of theater lights.

The Trio of Lights theater group also presented works for television, and shined in the first puzzles of Ramadan directed by Mohamed Salem.

They also participated together during this period starring in a large number of films and plays.


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