Precision brain surgery for a woman who cooks olives

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Egyptian News Vision // A woman underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor, which lasted two and a half hours under the supervision of 11 doctors and nurses, in Azienda Italian Hospital.

The sixty-year-old woman was cooking an "olive gratin" dish while undergoing the procedure.

"Everything went well," said neurosurgeon Roberto Trinani after the operation.

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Certainly it is not the first time he has seen a patient cook her favorite dish under the procedure.

Trinani said he had performed about 60 previous operations in which patients were alert during the surgery.

Called "conscious brain surgery", the advanced technology helps doctors treat brain tumors and epileptic seizures without patients under anesthesia; So that they can remain conscious during the process and do some activities; This allows surgeons to know that they are treating the right part of the brain.

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