Moody's International Rating, the ratings of 17 banks Moody's International Rating, the ratings of 17 banks
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Turkey's current account deficit exceeds expectations and Moody's downgrades ratings of 17 banks

The Central Bank of Turkey (CBK) announced on Monday that the current account deficit was $ 7.096 billion in January 2018, while the deficit was $ 47.1 billion in 2017.

The current account balance records the net income or payments of the State in 4 trade transactions according to the national income parameters of each country.

Moody's International Rating, the ratings of 17 banks, two municipalities and seven Turkish companies, downgraded Turkey's rating, according to local press reports.

"Moody's" downgraded the rating of 7 companies in Turkey and kept the rating of 3 other companies, as 5 companies lost the classification of "the possibility of investment."

The agency said in its statement that the credit rating downgrade is due to the decline in the country's rankings.

Moody's downgraded companies such as Anadol Afas, Coca-Cola Beverages, Turkcell and OYAK.

Moody's also downgraded the ratings of Izmir and Istanbul, from Ba1 to Ba2, and downgraded the credit rating of 17 Turkish banks.

A few days ago Moody's downgraded sovereign ratings from Ba1 to Ba2.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized Moody's for lowering Turkey's credit rating, saying: "The assessment you value to us is of no value to us.

He added: "The main concern of Moody's is to put Turkey in a bind to give opportunity to those who wish to benefit from this situation."

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