Cherie Arison - Israeli businesswoman Cherie Arison - Israeli businesswoman
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The richest woman in Israel is giving up the biggest banks there

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,  Israel's wealthiest businesswoman, Cherie Arison, has decided to sell its shares to Bank Hapoalim, the largest Israeli bank.

Cherie Arison said she had obtained permission from the competent authorities to put her shares in the bank for sale on the stock exchange after several years of finding a buyer for her entire share and could not.

The competent authorities in Israel allowed them to offer their shares in the bank for trading in inches over four years with the possibility of extending the period for another two years.

Chery Arison owns 20% of the shares of the Israeli Workers Bank, Israel's largest and oldest bank.

Sherry Arison, born in 1957 to a father who was an Israeli-American businessman, raised his fortune through a company that worked in the field of shipping and ships, and is the owner of Arison Investments.

Cherie Arison is the richest woman in the Middle East and one of the richest women in the world with an estimated $ 5.1 billion in wealth. Her autobiography says she took control of Israel's biggest bank in 21 years, and the central bank gave her a bank management license again after checking for her good management.

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