A huge ship exit from the waterway of the Suez Canal

March 24, 2021
Navigation in the Suez Canal returns after it was stopped due to the stranding of a huge ship Navigation in the Suez Canal returns after it was stopped due to the stranding of a huge ship

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Daily Times: - Navigation in the Suez Canal has returned after it was stopped due to the stranding of a huge container ship in the Suez Canal in this international artery, and the occurrence of congestion in the Mediterranean and Red Bahrain.

The Taiwanese "Evergreen Marine" company said in a statement that the container ship's delinquency was most likely due to sudden strong winds.

Evergreen, which leases the container ship for a specific period, said that the owner of the ship told her that she believed that what happened was the result of "sudden strong winds that caused the ship's hull to deviate from the waterway and hit the bottom and drift."

And added, "The company urged the ship's owner to report the cause of the accident and set up a plan with the concerned units, such as the Suez Canal Authority, to help the ship get out of the problem as quickly as possible."

In the meantime, two major sources in the navigation sector said: The Suez Canal Authority in Egypt decided to amend the ship transit system, to turn it in both directions in the old channel.

The two sources said that the ship's float work on the morning of the day when it ran aground.

The ship weighs 220 thousand tons, its length is 400 meters, and it carries hundreds of containers heading to Rotterdam from China. It is owned by the Taiwanese shipping company "Evergreen", and is registered in Panama. Pictures taken from another ship in the canal show that it has settled at an angle that closed the waterway.

It turned out that the rigs that the Egyptian Canal authorities sent to try to free the ship were too small and inadequate.

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