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American Fears of 5G

America: 5G is not a health hazard America: 5G is not a health hazard

Egyptian News Vision, Dubai: - The alleged concerns about the 5G network appear to have been limited and identified by the United States of America, which has become number one in the number of HIV infections.

Despite the concerns that accompanied the emergence of the 5G network, and its health damages, the American division over the use of this network came to express only economic concerns.

The Department of Defense, NASA, and other government agencies have rejected the 5G network because it will disrupt the Global Positioning System (GPS), affecting the US economy.

The five members of the FCC have agreed to deploy the 5G network of cellular communications by Legado Networks.

The commission's decision won the support of Justice Secretary William Barr and State Department Mike Pompeo.

However, Defense Secretary Mark Esber, NASA, the Commerce and National Security ministries, and major US airlines, vehemently opposed the decision. Senior Pentagon officials have expressed their opposition to a Senate committee.

"There are many mysterious things and the risks are too great to allow the deployment of the Legado system, given its impact on the work of the GPS," said Dana Daisy, senior advisor to the Minister of Defense for Information Technology.

Republican Senator Jim Enhove, who heads the Senate Armed Services Committee, voiced his opposition to the Legado project.

"I do not consider that endangering GPS signals is a positive idea after extensive experience and analysis.

Experts in almost every federal agency told us that Legado's plan will affect GPS systems, which will harm the entire American economy," he said.

The Republican senator said he brought up the issue with Trump, noting that the president was unaware of the potential impact of the project on GPS.

Daisy said that the Pentagon will appeal the commission's decision.

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