Artificial intelligence regulates metro movement in Dubai

January 05, 2021
Artificial intelligence regulates metro movement in Dubai Artificial intelligence regulates metro movement in Dubai

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai will experiment with the use of artificial intelligence to control the increase in metro demand, reduce congestion, and manage congestion at some stations or public events or the high demand.

The project aims to have a smart system that interacts with metro users to provide recommendations for comfortable transportation according to their needs to reduce congestion, by understanding the patterns of metro demand and adjusting it to prevent congestion.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to suggest specific time periods for passengers would organize requests on the metro and distribute them over longer periods, by preparing a model to simulate train journeys throughout the day using Nol cards data, and using algorithms to study metro demand, along with a display screen to understand trips Passengers in a detailed manner.

The results of the experiment revealed that the carrying capacity reached from 40% to 80%, which could be reflected in the heavy train traffic, and the presence of passengers congestion at peak time or public events, and that the simulation model showed that the flow of passengers during peak periods will lead to congestion and long waiting periods Before going on the metro.

The experimental use of artificial intelligence technologies resulted in a decrease in the congestion rate from 40% to 60%, and a reduction in passengers' waiting up to 30 minutes, as the artificial intelligence technology contributed to suggesting specific time periods and redistributing the request to improve the customer experience by ensuring the time of boarding the trains and reaching their destinations. On time.

These results are being studied and their feasibility to implement the project.

The existence of an integrated technical infrastructure in the authority has contributed to the existence of smart solutions to some of the challenges that may occur to the services sector, such as the increase in demand for it.

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